Tread There Once More

By: Norman Dean VanPelt

She dances with words,
so not to break the underpane of glass
that is him.
It's like walking on ice
across vastly deep oceans.
Afraid to fall into the depths
and drown in it.
For she has fallen through before,
into the cold suffocation of despair.
The drowning experience
that had scarred her life,
and made her afraid
to tread there once more.
She will eventually find her way
back to the shore.
To begin again and start once more.

He had fallen through before, too.
Now he stands on the shore
waving his arms frantically
and shouting to his love.
So she might make it ashore to him
and tread once more
with him, hand in hand.
For he knows if they fall in,
they could save each other.
Giving each other's breath,
so not to suffocate and drown again.
They could swim to the shore once more,
unscarred and loving each other all the more.