The Inevitable


I wanted to be near her
She wanted much more
I was willing to give it
It was unlike before
I felt that she'd killed me
I was dying inside
Then she begged forgiveness
I heard her soul cry
I tried to hold fast
To the love she brought back
She retracted her love
And my heart, she left cracked
I told her my feelings
I tried to make her see
A misunderstanding
And left standing was me
Now I'm alone
Alone and confused
I want someone special
All I want now is truth
She has to know what she wants
And it has to be me
It must be my presence
Mine... exclusively.
For now I will settle for a kiss on the cheek
Tomorrow I'll cry
I will hate in a week
I will still miss her touch
And the feeling, the feeling it gave
I'll remember our love
The love I still crave
I will never forget
Through the cloud of false hate
I will never forget
I thought it was fate
I made a mistake
I thought it was fate