Pillowed Memory

By: Steve Soskin

Her shimmering hair cascades down the pillow of my memory
As a waterfall of sensuality.
She spreads through the labyrinth of my existing emptiness
Filling the barren mazeways of my heart with her joy.

Tumbling carefree through the empty arteries
She brings with her a storm of tempting desire
Fervent needs to be fulfilled
But remain respectfully unfulfilled.

She is implanted within the roots of my timeline
With love evolved from the dawn of my being
coursing wildly through the pathways of my desire
Yet, I am denied her touch, though touched by her love.

She crosses the pathways of my consciousness each day
Blithely strolling, her face glowing with extreme joy
Her beauty matching her spirit
And I mourn for a love lost to me.

Yet she remains rooted in my consciousness
Written in my heart as love's story unfolds
A love to be cherished through lifetimes past
And lifetimes present
A love to be honored
A woman to be adored
Through lifetimes future
But for now
A pillowed memory.