Lost and Found

By: Lawrence Heartford

I'm so empty, so all alone.
My soul yearns for your touch
as a wanderer in this urban jungle I roam.
Oh, my Hillary, I miss you so much.

It's truly a shame, what must ensue
on this cruel and heartless morn.
I must fend for myself, away from you
daily, from my soulmate I am torn.

Our precious moments are much too few
for us to be apart.
I am like a captain without his crew:
Lost at sea, without your heart.

I spend my days in a mindless blur
taking care of other people's needs.
Every once in a while my heart will stir
when in my mind's eye your face I see.

And so it goes throughout the afternoon
until (at last!) the sun does set
and I remember I will see you soon.
Only for a little longer need my heart fret.

I race home as fast as lightning-
my mind filled with thoughts of you.
My speed to some is considered frightening
but they don't understand how strong my love is, or how true.

It is said the night has much to fear
full of strange and scary a sound.
I don't care what I hear
I only care my love is around.

At last, as I shut the door
and see my Hillary in front of me,
I know pain no more.
This is where I'm meant to be.

I hold her close, in a rib-shattering hug
and spin her around.
A hole in my heart has just been plugged.
At last, I am found!

My tears of joy replace the ones that fell out of grief.
I am where I belong, for a time -at least for tonight.
My body relaxes in a sigh of relief,
thinking to myself, this feels so right.

Together in each other's arms, listening to the night,
we spend another eve.
Looking into her eyes, the most glorious of sights,
I whisper in her ear, "My love, I am found! I will never leave."