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TRUTH    Love Past   
By: Diane Peebles    
"the long hard days
turn slowly ..."
A Message from Gwen    Love Apart   
By: S. Hall Zilla    
"My love.....
I had a dream last night. ..."
You Are    About a Loved One   
By: Belinda Mae Young    
"The stars are the kisses you've given me.
The moon is your soul, everyone can see. ..."
You and I    Love Between Friends   
By: Muse Invoke    
and I... ..."
Bookmark    Love Declared   
By: Jeff Kurfess    
"A thousand fair suitors all stab at your heart
Those poets of movement and jockeys of art ..."
Only You    The Power of Love   
By: Victor S Cordero    
"Only you,
with your words, ..."
Time After Time    The Power of Love   
By: Marc Anthony    
"All prose has been drained
For thy heart is no longer thy source ..."
What I Love About You    For That Special Someone   
By: Felicia Amanda Martinez    
"I love you in the morning
and love you in the night ..."
White Rose    Love Declared   
By: Daniel J. Mishko    
"Like the long white rose,
I see you rare ..."
Where Has All the Wisdom of Your Words Gone?    Love Withdrawn   
By: Diane M Raab    
Your words held all of the answers ..."
A String of Stars    Secret Love   
By: Charlotte Mae Fitzgerald    
"This longing
starts in my chest. ..."
I want to kiss you at nightfall !!    For That Special Someone   
By: Enrique Alberto Hurtado Minotta    
"I want to kiss you at nightfall once again.
I want to kiss your lips tonight again ..."
I Wait    Love and Parting   
By: Ella Kay    
"I am cold-
no warmth of touch, ..."
Time and Distance    Love Apart   
By: Margaret Marr    
"When you're so far away
and the night is silent ..."
And yet I love you    Secret Love   
By: Rose Helen Nicola    
"I dream of you
before I lay my head ..."
THE WEDDING GIFT    For That Special Someone   
By: William Thomas Kinsey    
"What could be the perfect gift,
one to truly show I care, ..."
Unspoken Words    Love Remembered   
By: Javon Marie Montes    
"I will tell you this much...
Time    The Philosophy of Love   
By: HYS    
"Time passes by your feet.
You do not realize, ..."
Absurdity    Love Fantasy   
By: Chris Ferguson    
"We dance across the moon, my love, we dance across the moon
Cheek to cheek, our bodies meet, ..."
Togetherness    Love and Death   
By: Richard Frederick Cullison    
"I often sit and wonder why
If I'm the last to die ..."
Circle of Love    New Love   
By: C. Shawn Sapriken    
"Once I had the rarest bloom
Of love, a perfect rose ..."
Heaven's Gate    Love Fantasy   
By: Sylvia Leigh    
"Would that I might fashion a stairway
Ascending to Heaven's door.... ..."
Dreaming    Love Fantasy   
By: K A E    
"Take me away
to a far away place ..."
WHERE VIOLETS BLOW    Love and Death   
By: Ronnie G Summerville    
"His hands are cold, his face is white.
Lying so still you could hear a pin drop. ..."
The Summer is Hot    The Pains of Love   
By: Eurlantae    
"The summer is hot, oh, the burning, the burning
And there's no relief... save a change in the weather. ..."

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