Roller Coaster Love

On again - Off again love

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1 Finding You by happy girl
"Are you... my missing piece?
The one to make me whole? ..."
2 Dream by SweetGirl
"Wanting so long for this moment to come-
I'm overwhelmed by your touch ..."
3 Again by Megan Lynn Robertson
"I'm afraid to give my heart again
afraid to lose ..."
4 Broken by Ronda Lee White
"the whispered words we once spoke
the promises of love we made... ..."
5 Good-bye by Olivia Christine Leon
"Why did my heart ache inside
when you said we were through? ..."
6 I Belong There by Lexsendria
"Blue eyes meet with mine. Tear filled sorrow
Drapes them like a cloud covered sky. ..."
7 good-bye by Dana Michelle Lee
"I miss you already and you're not even gone.
I can't feel your love, now, and i feel so alone. ..."
8 Spring Hope by CodeMaster
" In the clear light of spring a fresh hope gleams
With a sweet birdsong at the birth of days ..."
9 Goodbye, My Love by Bug
"Does love really last
Always and forever? ..."
10 The Awakening by Elena J. Murphy
"In the lonely shadows I stand
and wait with silent patience, ..."
11 great things have an end ... by Mindie Sue Moffitt
"goodbye is never an easy thing to say
but, it was inevitable that we would come to this day ..."
12 A Fragile Heart by S. Hall Zilla
"If I place my heart in your hand will you keep it safe for me?
Will you cherish, love and protect it and treat it compassionately? ..."
13 I Almost Wish by Meg Campbell
"If our love had stayed unfound,
It wouldn't hurt like this, ..."
14 And We Danced..... by Carly Ann McGovern
"And we danced.
In the cool, dark basement ..."
15 I'm Not Crying Over You by Kristine Beulke
" I'm not crying over you,
it's the rain that makes me blue. ..."
16 Can't by Victoria Anne Wolf Eila
"I cried myself to sleep each night
The turmoil in my head not ceasing ..."
17 If You Ever See Him by Kristine Beulke
"If you ever see him on the street
and, by chance, he nods and stops to speak. ..."
18 Decisions by Barb D
"decisions ... decisions ....
19 Laughing Under An Umbrella by Aparna Jayachandran
"You made good-bye
Seem almost merry. ..."
20 If I Told You... by Crystal R. Hinson
"If I told you I loved you,
would you push me away? ..."
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