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Wedding Poems
Who but you
by William Thomas Kinsey

Who but you could hold me
and keep the world at bay
Who but you could scold me
In the nicest kind of way

Who but you could take my hand
and step into a dream
Who but you could bring such joy
enough to make me scream

Who but you could lead the way
through fantasies, part by part
Who but you could make me love
and open up my heart

Who but you could bring to earth
each and every star
Who but you would tell me
'I love you just the way you are'

None, not a single one
could do the things you do
I could never love another
The way that I love you

Poem ID: 2609   Poem Posted: 3/18/1998
Viewed: 43627  Voted On: 1302  E-mailed: 1561  Commented On: 46
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Copyright , 1/31/98,  all rights reserved by the author.
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