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Wedding Poems
Wedding Vow
by Vaa L. Matua

       On this day I do thee wed...
    An oath for which others would die.
         The light of my heart,
          The joy in my soul,
      The sparkle of life in my eye.

          To you I vow honor
        respect and compassion.
     Any less, before God, would I sin.
Your champion of truth, devotion and kindness.
   Let the path of true bliss now begin.

       Though the road be uncertain.
       let my heart lead the way.
  For it's you who I live this life for.
   As destiny scripts a future uncertain
         By your side will I stay

Poem ID: 10656   Poem Posted: 2/3/1999
Viewed: 3524  Voted On: 818  E-mailed: 106  Commented On: 24
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Copyright , 1997, Vaa Lufi Matua  all rights reserved by the author.
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