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Wedding Poems
Together As One
by Selina  A.

Together as one, we shall be
Forevermore, until eternity.
For years to come, we will walk hand in hand
It is a love that no other could understand.

Our presence will remain side by side
With love reaching out and never to hide.
Life endures while we are heart to heart...
How did I sense this right from start?

Yet, through all odds this love will prevail
Always, everlasting, impossible to fail.
Our inevitable love that was bound to be
Will forever be engraved in my memory.

This unbreakable bond that unites as one
Is as strong as the ascent of the morning sun.
Infinite days and nights of joy stream by
And even beyond the day we die.

In heart, mind, and soul... we will thrive
Being parts of us that pursue to stay alive
For a moment it seems to be a fantasy
But it is all so visible to see.

We will perpetually follow 
the path of love and devotion
For we are... together as one.

Poem ID: 18523   Poem Posted: 7/30/1999
Viewed: 7237  Voted On: 734  E-mailed: 265  Commented On: 49
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