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Roller Coaster Love
by   SweetGirl

Wanting so long for this moment to come-
I'm overwhelmed by your touch
You pull me close, we slowly kiss-
I've wanted this so much.

You say you were wrong; you've been so lost- 
without me by your side
Apology accepted, by all my heart-
who cares about my pride?

You push the ring down my finger- 
it still slides right on
Suddenly I feel alive again-
all the pain is gone.

Your eyes just seem to melt my heart-
I crave to feel you near
I shiver as your breathtaking voice-
whispers in my ear.

You even go so far to say-
you'd like to have my child
Every way you touch my heart-
so gentle and so mild.

I've never been so happy before-
I've never been so complete
I've never known this side of you-
so caring and so sweet.

The alarm clicks on, I lay in bed-
as real as it may seem
Just another night alone-...
just another DREAM.......

Poem ID: 2892   Poem Posted: 3/27/1998
Viewed: 36348  Voted On: 3858  E-mailed: 1381  Commented On: 109
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