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Roller Coaster Love
Laughing Under An Umbrella
by Aparna  Jayachandran

You made good-bye 
Seem almost merry.
Tears are salty
But they don't sting.
Steeped in remembrance,
All they bring
Is a longing, keener
Than a July wind.

As befits a parting,
The sun was hidden.
But the last time we said 'hello'
Was under an umbrella
Painted in the colours
Of a summer holiday.

Blue Riding Hood, you called me
And we laughed together
Under a summery island
In a gloomy sea.

Poem ID: 1804   Poem Posted: 2/20/1998
Viewed: 11918  Voted On: 614  E-mailed: 63  Commented On: 4
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Copyright , 5 February 1998,  all rights reserved by the author.
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