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Roller Coaster Love
by Barb  D

decisions ... decisions ....

cursed reason, why must you torture me so
the weight of the options seem far too cumbersome
for the scale of my mind to balance
trapped in the jaws of choice...
must I gnaw off an ankle to break free?  

but softly now ..... listen ...... 

the ancient wisdom is sung in the simplicity of the wind
does the breeze that tantalizes your sun drenched flesh...
actually decide to blow?

listen ....
(choose love) ..... (choose love) .....

Poem ID: 6693   Poem Posted: 8/2/1998
Viewed: 38212  Voted On: 1345  E-mailed: 149  Commented On: 6
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Copyright , 1998,  all rights reserved by the author.
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