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Roller Coaster Love
I'm Not Crying Over You
by Kristine  Beulke

   I'm not crying over you,
it's the rain that makes me blue.
   When I'm dreaming, it's the sky,
as fluffy white clouds roll by.

   When I'm not sleeping, late at night,
it's not from loneliness or fright
   but the air is too warm... 
after a storm.
   Though I think they 
may be right. (but I'd never tell)
   for my tears are of love lost
and my happiness- the cost.

   Someday soon
I will find room,
   I'll let my heart grow,
even then I will know...
   That, I'm not crying over you,

it's the rain that makes me blue...

Poem ID: 3054   Poem Posted: 4/1/1998
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