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Roller Coaster Love
The Awakening
by Elena J. Murphy

In the lonely shadows I stand
and wait with silent patience,
and, though I want to reach out,
I watch my love sleep quietly.

As the night becomes the day
my eyes are tired and weary;
but I insist on watching and
waiting for love to awaken.

The eyes of love have now opened
and deep inside I look,
I search for the light
that once burned bright
shining forth with utter beauty.

My heart yearns to embrace your love
that is perfectly made for two
and as I am consumed by our passion
your soul becomes my consolation.

I gently entwine your hand in mine
and hold your love to me
we rise upon love's gossamer wings
and fly into the eternity.

Poem ID: 18101   Poem Posted: 7/15/1999
Viewed: 18136  Voted On: 832  E-mailed: 262  Commented On: 6
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Copyright , 7/12/99, Elena J. Murphy  all rights reserved by the author.
For questions concerning copyright on this poem send e-mail to, legal@lovepoetry.com

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