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Just to Love You
by David  Kowal

When we were little, 
I would share my milk with you 
before we took our naps;
   ...just so I could play with you.

When we were teens, 
I listened as you talked about your boyfriends,
(and thought of us together);
   ...just to ease your mind.

When we grew older, 
I helped you move into his house 
(and wished you were going to mine);
   ...just to make you comfortable.

When you got married, 
I gave my best friend away 
(and kept my heart hid);
   ...just to see you happy.

As you lay there, so very sick, 
I whisper how beautiful you are 
(because it's still true);
   ...just to see you smile.

Poem ID: 12361   Poem Posted: 6/13/1999
Viewed: 63427  Voted On: 4214  E-mailed: 779  Commented On: 140
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