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I Am the Ember
by Lance Anthony Grabmiller

I am the ember that burns- assured,
Not with the fervor of the fireworks lights.
I choose to warm... without a word;
In brightest day or darkest night.

I will not bring the excited tone
For those that wish the briefest pleasure.
Yet, attend well those few who've known
What lurks, deep, within my measure.

Fireworks burn and are a wondrous sight;
Many colored fantasies, of immense hue.
Yet, once they're gone, cannot reignite-
But my embers will always renew

Not dispassionate... my warmth can be stirred 
To white heat and soul piercing fire,
And quietly, to those that know the secrets conferred
Upon them... that wish warmth to inspire

For embers will never die in quick exclamation.
The nights and days will all be attended
Fired passion- unexpected and without hesitation
Until the appreciation... has ended

In gentle warmth or ardent fire
Attend them well, for they will never tire
For each fire will begin anew
Each will afford a different view

     I am the light... in constant evolution
     For passion, burning or warm elocution

Poem ID: 4607   Poem Posted: 5/17/1998
Viewed: 14030  Voted On: 390  E-mailed: 137  Commented On: 6
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Copyright , 1998, Lance Anthony Grabmiller  all rights reserved by the author.
For questions concerning copyright on this poem send e-mail to, legal@lovepoetry.com

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