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H.E.L.P    Suicide
   Erica Nicole Payne    
H.U.S.B.A.N.D.    About a Loved One
H.U.S.B.A.N.D. 2    Love Described
H.W.P.the 4th    Love Remembered
   Danielle Nicole Newman    
had a dream    For That Special Someone
   dave kenneth gehris    
Had I the World    Love Declared
Had To Let You Know    Love Displayed
   Sarah Ann Struszczyk    
Haiku Love Triform    The Philosophy of Love
   Albert (aka:Al) William Beck    
Haleh    Love Between Friends
   Danielle Nicole Newman    
Haley my dream    Unrequited Love
   Derek Allard    
Haley-Bug    Love and Family
   Monica Michelle Underwood    
half    The Pains of Love
   J.A. Bartlett    
Half - Broken Heart    The Pains of Love
Half a Heart    Love and Betrayal
   Ryan Curtis Mangers    
Half a World Away    Love Apart
Half Empty    The Need to be Loved
   JeN HiTz    
Half Empty OR Half Full??    Love Apart
   Leann Receveur    
Half Gone    Love Apart
   Amanda B.    
Half life    Abiding Love
   Clarissa Lee Granada    
Half Moon    Love and Parting
   James J. Metcalfe    
Half Of My Heart    The Pains of Love
   Carl Copsey    
Half Of You    Valentine's Day Poems
   Trinity Angel    
Half-Eaten Soul    The Power of Love
   Amanda Allison Green    
Halloween of 98    New Love
   Mel Doodles    
Halls of Justice    Love Past
   Nick Ottea    

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