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A Goddess before my eyes    The Power of Love
   Ruben Baez Torres    
A Knight of your heart    Love Fantasy
   Corey Joe Furtick    
A Lesson Learned    The Pains of Love
A Little More of Me    Love Past
A PROMISE    Love And Marriage
   hema malini malinikadir    
A "GRANDMOTHER'S LOVE"    About a Loved One
A "Perfect Girl"    Love Fantasy
A "True Love" poem    Love and Doubt
   Hazim Minahg    
A BABY    Mothers Day Poems
   christopher thomas wood    
A bad Dream    The Pains of Love
   Lauren Ashley Zgola    
A Bad Dream Come True    Love and Betrayal
A Bad Goodbye    Love and Parting
   Rhonda M    
a bad love    Love and Hate
   Katie Downes    
A Band of Gold    Love Remembered
   Nancy Sue Yvonne Baldridge    
A Beacon of Hope in my Heart    For That Special Someone
   Amanda Lane Hall    
A Beating Heart    Love and Death
   Rachel Lee Keller    
A Beating Heart    Love and Parting
   Rachel Lee Keller    
a beatitude    Love Remembered
   edwin lee ferrell    
A beautiful day gone bad    Love and Death
   Steven Rodriguez    
a beautiful dream    Love and Parting
   cecilia grace belonia    
A Beautiful Dream    Love Fantasy
   Jennifer Joy    
A BEAUTIFUL DREAM    The Pains of Love
   Pedro Joel Silva    
A beautiful little fool    Love Described
   Jason Creek    
A Beautiful Memory    Love Remembered
   Ashley Ann Bellow    
A Beautiful Morning    For That Special Someone
   Marta Sonia Mani    

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