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I'll Wait For You Forever
by Dee's Boo

My boyfriend and I have had a happy relationship. I could say he was my first love because he is my everything to me and he taught me what love is all about. I wasn't mature enough to know that, but I hadn't thought that I could be falling in love with him. Of course, we have arguements but we always get it fixed after a minute or so. The good thing about him is that he is very understanding and sweet. He makes me feel like I'm the only girl he thinks about. He makes me feel so special. Every time I look into his eyes, I can see heaven in the sky. I always feel his heart beat telling me, "I love you so much." We've been together for a almost a year now. It seems like we've been dating for a long time. There wasn't a day that passed by that we didn't see each other. We always spend our time together.

He's in the military. In January of 2004, he is leaving to Iraq for a year. He told me he doesn't think our relationship must go on. I was hurt when I heard what he said. A year? That's how long we've known each other! I didn't want to end this relationship, but thinking back maybe it would be better off that way. I told him we are going to spend our time together till he leaves. A couple of days ago, he called me to say he was sorry for suggesting the separation and all that. He also told me that he loves me and he asked me if I could wait for him and that we must continue the relationship that we have because it's the best thing that we've ever had. And I said OK.

I'm willing to wait for him because he is the only one I've ever loved. I don't think I could love again the way I love him. I think that we will be together again because that's what we want to happen. We are going to continue our communication while he's gone.

I know it's going to be hard. Even if he's gonna be away, I know deep in my heart that I will always love him. And no matter where I go there is always a place for him in my heart. Reading this poem, To Spend Forever by Amanda E. Rogers helps me to be strong. I would like to thank LovePoetry.

If you love someone, make the best of your time because it's your chance to be with that person with happiness and surprises.

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