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My Past.....My Present
by ~~*PaTTy*~~

He was my boyfriend. I was with him for 'bout 2 years and we had planned to get married. The reason we separated was 'cause I had to move to another state. He told me he was gonna' wait for me and he did for a while, but after that I guess he got tired. He stopped acting like a boyfriend, he stopped calling me, he never ever said, "I love you" anymore, and he was never home. He also always lied to me about where he was when I knew he was with another girl. He said he was at his homeboy's house, but that was all lies, so he messed up and I broke up with him. He was my first true love, but he cheated on me and then he said it was his biggest mistake because he got another girl pregnant when he was with me. I guess that all the time that he was with me, he was with her too.

I don't think we'll ever get together again. I don't think I would ever want to scoop down to his level. Plus, he has a baby in his new life and another woman, so I would not ever want to be that girl who would ever mess up anybody's relationship because I wouldn't want for it to happen to me.

I cope very well. I met somebody else that made the biggest diffrence in my life. The LovePoetry poem that helped me through was YOU TOLD ME... by ROCIO SORIA. I dedicated this poem to my ex... This Feeling I Fee by Brittany Nichole Hughes, because now I know I don't need him anymore and I will never need him again. Now I really thank God for sending my new boyfriend to my life. Now that I have my new boyfriend, my feelings have changed and I know that they will stay like that for the right guy, which is him. So, for now I just plan to stick with my boy and never let him go.

My advice for anybody who has a long distance relationship is: they don't work at all. It would be a complete miracle if one would work. So, just because you think you love them to death, don't just stick around for somebody who's not worth it because you can always move on... like me.

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