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my wife... always!

I am now separated from the girl I most adore and, yet, don't know how to love. It seems like ever since I got out of my previous relationship with another girl ('cause she cheated on me) I haven't wanted to be in any more relationships with anyone. Then I met this girl named Kasi. When I first saw her I was in love but I didn't act on it. Why? I donít know- scared, I guess. I knew she was going be my bride. Boy, she's fine!

I messed up bad and I wish I never took advantage of her love like that and I'm deeply sorry. She and I were like homies... always together... always. It just got to the point where I couldn't trust her around all my friends. I regret it. I cheated on her two times and I deserve whatever she does to me. I told her I did. I felt bad for it 'cuz I always thought she was cheating on me. She say she didn't and I tried to believe her but I couldn't- 'cause I felt like Iím not basically the one she dreams of.

I wish I could be the one she dreams of. Iím sorry... I don't know what to do. All her family dislikes me 'cause they think Iím not the one for her. I think they're right- but they don't know me like I know myself. I can be nice but I can be mean, too. Itís just my past life that makes me this way. Only Kasi can understand that.

I love this girl so much and I really don't know what love is- but I feel it and it hurts. I'll never felt like this for any girl before. Now I know what it is like when you fail to realize that what you have is good... until it's gone. Then it's just an open space waiting to be filled by another giving soul.

I love u, girl, and Iím still you husband. Thank you for giving me a chance. I just don't want to let her go. Love is tough.

We have now been separated for 1 year and three months. It was caused by me accusing her of cheating and of me not trusting her. I hope it ends soon but I fear it will be many months more. I read the LovePoetry poem Love is Tough by Naomi Jelina Sales and it helped. I so hope we won't be apart much longer but I just don't know. I hope we'll be together soon.

If u love someone and it's meant to be... then follow your heart and not your mind.

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