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the mistake

At first, I had a good relationship with my boyfriend. We were going out for a year and 9 months. He was a selfish guy with a temper problem that made our relationship kinda' hard, but we just tried our best not to mess up our relationship. He said he loved me and I loved him. We had great plans together and very good goals, but it came to the point that everything was dropped.

What happened was that this other guy came in and had to mess up our relationship. He would call me and send me messages which my boyfriend got to read, and since he has that ugly temper, everything was thrown to the floor. I told him that I only loved him and he was the only guy in my life. I asked him if he was going to throw away our one year and 9 month relationship because of a stupid little thing.

What got me to talk to him was one time when I was looking online and I read the LovePoetry poem Unloving you by Nadira Presley. That poem gave me a lot of courage to go up to him and tell him how I felt. I tried my best to fix everything and not to do crazy things, but he knows I love him and everything. He didn't want me to take back, even though those messages and those calls weren't my fault.

I know he will call me and try to come back to me, but all of those tears that my eyes cried and all of that pain I felt won't be replaced. It would just hurt me more if I went back with him, but he knows that I'm always going to be here for him any day, anytime. He also knows how I feel for him and how he made me feel.

Try to save a relationship, especially if you love that person a lot. Don't let somebody mess with your relantionship and love that person a lot, especially if he treats you right. If there are things happening behind your back, try to talk about it and try to fix it, try not to explode.

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