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wrong path.....
by ::aide::

I worked at a fast food restaurant and he was my manager. I had always thought that nothing could happen between us since he was 15 years older than me and married. Well, getting to know each other really made me fall completely in love like never before. He always knew the right words at the right time. He was so sweet, so kind, gentlemanly, and friendly, just like the man I was waiting for, but it was too late.

A year passed by and he finally separated from his wife. I was in shock though, when I heard another girl on his messages. I couldn't believe it, no not from him. I drove as fast as I could to his house and confronted him as to who she was. Of course, by the time I got there he had already erased the message. He denied everything to me, telling me that it was probably a wrong number. Not completely satisfied, yet still completely in love, I couldn't leave him. I tried trusting him, believing him, so he begged me for another chance. He was my everything and I couldn't let him go to another after everything we had been through together.

Of course, I felt so devastated. I felt so confused, it was like my world was ending. All I could do everyday was cry, cry, and cry. We were apparently together because we would still go out, but it was not the same. You know, when there is no trust, there is nothing. The one thing that made me realize he was not the best guy for me was when I read this poem on LovePoetry.com called Falling in Love With a Player by Lindsey Nicole Milke. I realized that's all he does. If he cheated on his wife, he was going to do it to everybody. A few weeks later, I saw this other girl's number on his cell phone, (she works with him). I decided to have a good talk with him and finally end this relationship that was taking us nowhere.

I still hear from him sometimes. He calls me once in a while, apologizing and realizing what he has lost. I still love him and miss him a lot... like crazy, but never again would I go back into a relationship where there is neither trust nor respect.

My love life now is okay. I met a good guy a few weeks after ending this relationship. The only problem is that I still care for him and don't want anything serious with anyone else until I get completely over him and get him out of my head.

With this 3 year long, lovely but painful relationship, I learned my lesson and would like for all of you ladies out there reading my story to prevent this from happening to you all. Do not ever get involved with a married guy. What goes around comes around. I took him away from her and another of his employees took him away from me. Watch out... try to control your feelings before it's too late.

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