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Family matters
by April H

The relationship that needed help was between my mother and father. My father left us when I was younger. He was cheating on my mom for a long time with a high school buddy of his, then he moved us into a house and after one argument, he left and never came back. He used to run and call people on pay phones and then finally, one day he left us. This all started during my 6th grade year.

The end was when he moved to live with the woman he left my mother for, and after 3 years he married her. It took my mom 2 years to move on with her life after me and my older sister told her she needed too. I like the poem, All by Ray Ellis, because no matter what, I will be there for her.

Their relationship never came together again. We've lived just as 3 girls in the house and survived the hurt. My mom is now happy with her new boyfriend. She started going out and seeing people and finally met someone who she has been seeing for a while now. She gave me hope to be strong because I have a 2 year old little boy I've raised since day one... alone.

I talk to both my mother and father and try to have a normal life with my dad, but it's hard because I was there when he broke my mother's heart.

All I can say is that no matter what family issues go on, you have got to be strong and learn from them and let it inspire you.

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