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confused and hurt
by guard princess

My daddy and I didn't get the chance to really have a relationship. He left when I was 5, and the last time I saw him was when I was eight and that was because my mother and step-dad wanted to go to Alabama and not take me or my brother.

I think the problems between my mom and dad started before I was even born. I was too young to remember. My mom never liked my daddy, or I guess you could say she never loved him. She just let him stay around 'cuz he was our father and we needed a father figure in our lives. My mother also met another man and that made my daddy leave and never want to see me or my brother again.

My mom allowed it all to get as far as it did. She thought we would be better off without our real dad. I have always felt guilty for him leaving- like it was my fault that he left, seeing as how I was the last one born.

There hasn't been any turning point yet, but I am hoping that My daddy's gone for good by Tyarah Nazario helps me in a lot of ways. Granted, she was talkin' 'bout how her dad left and never came back and how she learned to love another man who wanted to be her father, but I would rather love my real dad than someone who isn't. I can't love someone who put me in danger.

I am hoping to find my daddy some way, somehow. I just have to figure out how to do that and where I need to start. I have wondered if he was even alive or not, or if he knew that I wanted to know if he was alright and that I want him in my life.

If your parents are separated and they've gotten together with someone new, don't stop loving your biological parents 'cuz they are the ones who will be there for you and know you better than the step-parent does or will.

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