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He doesn't love you
by ~*Liz*~

I met Matthew at a friend's house. I felt like we had a connection but I didn't say anything. I thought it was just me. We started to hang out more and he was always changing his plans if I had a chance to sneak out from home. He was a really good friend, I couldn't help but fall for him. I had been hinting to him that I was interested. New Year's Eve was going to be our big night. I was going to declare my love for him. But we were never alone long enough and it was never the right moment. So I hooked up with his friend. When Matthew found out, I saw so much pain in his eyes, but he didn't say anything. I continued to see his friend Mark, but I would always find myself at Matthew's house. I could see that he felt hurt when he saw Mark and me together, but I ignored his pain. One day, it was me and my cousin Ashley and I was supposed to go see Mark for an hour until Matthew got home, but I was a little late. When I showed up at Matthew's he was so mad, not because I was late, but because I had been with Mark. I got so mad because he didn't even know that I was crazy in love with him. We started to argue. He told me he had loved me since the moment we first laid eyes on each other. We became a couple then.

Soon, I noticed that my cousin was always flirting with him. She would get so jealous that Matthew was always telling me he loved me and that he couldn't keep his hands off me. Matthew and I were unseparable and she hated that. She was always tagging along. She even tagged along on our first Valentine's Day together. She would always find a way to ruin our night, but I felt bad if I excluded her from our plans. Then, when Matthew and I were always fighting, she always seemed to be the reason. I was obvious there was something between them.

I felt so betrayed by both of them. How could they be so cruel? If they were meant to be like she said, why was he still stringing me along? Why didn't he just tell me he liked my cousin? I didn't want to hear Matthew out. I didn't want to hear what he had to say about what happened. Then I read that LovePoetry poem, Remembering by Sandra Baker. I realized that Matthew was just an instrument in her plot to hurt me. She didn't love him. She just used him because she knew he was the one thing I loved the most.

I didn't speak to either one of them after that. Who was I supposed to trust? She said she was going to do everything in her power to get him. I wasn't going to fight for someone I couldn't trust anymore. After my cousin told me she was in love with my boyfriend, I shut her out of my life. I couldn't stand being in the same room as her. The same for Matthew, I felt heartbroken for a while. I couldn't get rid of Matthew as easily as I wanted to though. We hung out with the same crowd. I eventually heard him out and forgave him.

Matthew and I are still together. It took us awhile to get back to our old habits, but we're stronger than ever now, and we are getting married soon.

If you're starting a new relationship, or if you've been in one for a long time, or even if you're married... never welcome a friend into your house. You can't trust anybody.

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