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by *****Regretfull Me*****

My mother was born and raised in the south, in Mississippi. She lost both of my sisters to what we all called her "Cajun temper". She was a nice woman, but she definitely had her moments. She would never let anyone else be right.

My mother and I started arguing about the time that my stepfather told her she needed to lose weight by not eating. My mother has a history of eating disorders and my stepfather knew this. However, here he was pushing her back into it. When I confronted him about what he had said, he just yelled at me and told me to be seen and not heard. My mother decided that she was not going to fight it anymore and that my stepfather was right. I could not believe that my own mother was taking this from a man who claimed to love her. It was at this point that our "Cajun tempers" began to flair.

The real problem, however started when I made a mistake and I lied to her about a date I was going on. She was in Mississippi visiting her family and I went out on a date with a guy and I lied to her about it. It was at this point that the problems really got bad enough to seperate us.

After I lied to my mother about the date, she refused to believe that I was still a virgin. As a strong Christian I felt very horrible about myself. This was my mother... how could she sit there and call me a whore and a slut along with many other rude and degrading things? I just could not stand for this any longer. I could not sit there and listen to my own mother calling me all of these things because I had made one mistake. So I left her just like my sisters both did.

There really never was a turning point. To this day, I very seldom speak with my mother. However, when I read Saying Goodbye (a mother and daughter's love) by Santonia Amber Ray, I realized that a mother's love is irreplaceable and i don't want to lose mine. I really do love my mother, no matter how bad my temper rages.

Like I said, a mother's love is irreplaceable and you will need it one day. No matter how mad you are, you will one day look back and remember the really stupid things you did and regret every one of them. As for the mothers, all I can tell you is to remember that whenever your children tell you they hate you, "I love you," is always close behind! God bless you all!

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