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by sad girl

My friend hooked me up with this guy. She said she loved him, but he wanted to be with me. He always wrote love letters to me and asked me out, but I said no because I still had these feelings for my ex-boyfriend. He got so sad and depressed, but he still wanted me. After a while of writingto each other, I started to like him, but I never told him. When my ex-boyfriend asked me out again, I said no even, though I still liked him... just because of this new guy. This guy had even gotten shot because of me. I felt so bad for him, but he survived. He wrote me a letter and told me that after he got better, the first thing he wass gonna' do was come visit me. I was so happy because I really wanted to see him.

After he got better, he didn't come visit me. The first thing he did was go to the club. He got really caught up in drugs and alcohol... he didn't know what he was doing. He ended up taking a girl to a hotel one night and losing his virginity. When I found out, I started to cry because I couldn't belive he would do that to me. I was so hurt. I felt stupid because I turned down my ex-boyfriend just because of him.

Now he wants me back, but I keep saying no and he keeps saying that he will wait for forever just to have me. He says he regrets doing what he did and that it was the biggest mistake of his life. He also says he will never use drugs or drink ever again... just for me. The LovePoetry poem called Good-Bye by Valerie Jane Presley really helped me through the situation I was going through. I really haven't written or talked to him for a long time now and I don't plan to.

My ex-boyfriend has asked me out twice since then, and I finally said yes. I'm really happy with him now and I haven't told him anything about the other guy. My love life, now is kind of sad because my current boyfriend is moving far away. Now, I guess I have to find somebody else.

Always stick to your true love.

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