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We'd known each other for 8 and a half years before she came into the picture. We used to mess around when we were kids and I started to have feelings for him,... very strong feelings.

When I found out about her, I stayed because I couldn't control my feelings anymore. As much as I tried. I couldn't seem to get him off of my mind. Everything I did, even when he had nothing to do with him, his name always seemed to pop into my head. I was in love with him and I still am.

I was heart-broken because I was used to it being just him and me. We were never a couple- my family wouldn't allow it because we are 3 years apart in age. He had other girlfriends but I knew they were nothing. Plus, he is a player and everyone knows that, even his current girlfriend. When I first saw her, something didn't seem right about her, not just because I was jealous of her, but because of the fact that I had to share him and that scared me. I could tell that they were going to be together for a while and now they are going on 3 years in their relationship. This is the longest relationship he's ever had. I am really scared that I will never have him. Sometimes I want him, but sometimes I don't because I know it's true that once a guy is a player, he'll always be a player. There is no way he is going to change, at least not right now. He's only 18.

There has been no turning point for me, but the LovePoetry poems I can relate to are Unloving you by Nadira Presley and [[[In love with a player//Ashley S.//50196]]. I told him how I felt but I still don't know how he feels.

We still mess around on the low. My love life isn't too great because I'm still hurting over him. My sister told me that love hurts but I never knew if would hurt this much.

Don't let a boy hurt you like I'm hurting right now because it makes you go crazy.

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