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by Tina

I was with my ex-boyfriend for 6 months. I met him through a friend and we had been talking for 2 months before we ever saw each other. When I did see him, he wasn't what I expected. He was not my type but it really didn't matter because I liked him enough to see past that. Thing went okay for the first couple of months, but then he stopped calling me like he used to. He started accusing me of talking to someone else even though I didn't even go out or anything. I was always waiting for his phone calls. I did everything I could for this guy, I opened up to him, but all he could say was that I didn't care. Well, we broke up but he would still call me so we were talking every other day, sometimes every other week.

One day, he had called me during the afternoon and when I called him back, a girl answered. I was in shock. He never even let me see his phone... why would a girl be answering it? Well, she didn't talk crap or anything, she just said he was outside. He didn't call me back.

The next day I didn't go to school, so I called him and he didn't answer, but he called me back. That's when I told him everything and all he could say was that he loved me, but he liked her. I didn't want to hear him. He kept calling me, trying to tell me that he missed me and that he'd rather be with someone he loves than someone he likes and that he always thought I had someone else. So I called his phone and she answered and I told her everthing about who I was.

The next day, she called me wanting to know if it was true and she told me that he said he wasn't with me and that he only saw me 3 times and that he never called me- that I called him and all of this other crazy stuff. It got to the point were every time I was thinking about him, I would get sick to my stomach 'cause I coudn't picture him being with a girl and doing everthing he did with me, with her. I just didn't know how to let him go. When I read the LovePoetry poem, Once Again by S. Hall Zilla, I knew right then and there that this kinda' stuff happens.

A week went by, then two and I just started to forget about him 'cause I figured if he really loved me like he said he did, this wouldn't have happened, he wouldn't have denied being with me or anything like that. I finally got that through my head.

I do have a boyfriend now, and he's nothing like my ex. I'm not going to lie, there are times when I think about my ex when I'm with my new dude, but I know now that I didn't need him and I'm better off without him.

You can never be too sure about a guy, so you've always got to expect something to go wrong in a relationship 'cause it always does. Remember that if he cheats on you, then you don't need him. The first time is his fault, the second time would be yours. Just have faith- what other choice do you have?

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