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I should've known
by KeKe's Sadness

I started talking to my best friend's boyfriend. We were just friends in the beginning and then it became much more than I ever expected. We started going out, having long conversations at night, telling each other how much we missed one another, and it started to become too much for me.

I always knew that he and my friend were together, but I didn't want to accept it. I felt he was just as much as my boyfriend as he was hers, so I decided that what she didn't know, wouldn't hurt her... and he felt the same. So we made the best of it and I fell deeply in love with him.

I felt real bad about the situation because we would have to be around each other when she was around and pretend like we weren't talking and act like the only time we saw each other was when she was there. It never could have worked with us. I wanted the world to know that we were together, but that would never happen because nobody knew about us except us and it was hard on me because we were sleeping together.

Unloving you by Nadira Presley really made me think. One day, I told him to stop calling me. I told him that I couldn't continue this relationship because I was falling in love with him and he was already in love with my friend. So how could I even consider him my man?

To this day, no one knows that there was ever anything between us. We still see each other, but now neither one of us utters a word to the other. I stay as far away from him in the house and he does the same.

I'm very hurt that I was the one who had to let go of him because I actually had feelings for him. To have to let it all go over another girl is really upsetting, but I know I'll get over it because I know it was the right thing to do. My life is all good now that I am free to find someone of my own, who will be with me and only me.

Please don't mess around with someones else's man because you'll end up hurt in the end. He'll be going on with his life while you're hurt and there's nothing he'll be able to say except, "I'm sorry," and that's not going to mend your broken heart.

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