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Our Love Triangle
by Niyaka

I thought it was all good. We had a great friendship until he said, "Be my girlfriend." I said no because I knew he had someone, but he insisted he would break up with her ASAP... So I went along with it.

He and I would talk every night and everything was going great until one night when we were talking. He clicked over to take a phone call, but instead of clicking over, he made it a 3-way call. It was her. His so-called friend, whom he was supposed to be broken up with. I cursed him out and told him it was over. He apologized and said that she couldn't let go of him and called him every night. I'm a fool and so I forgave him.

About a month later, I found out the truth. I went to his house and caught them together. It was over for good that time. He would call me a thousand times a day, but I would never answer. I was so hurt. How could he have loved me and treated me this way?

One day while on LovePoetry, I came upon a poem called 3 of Us by cutelilme~*~ 420. I printed it out and read it every night and it helped. Now my life is fine because I have a wonderful boyfriend who is true to me.

My advice for anyone in this kind of situation is to leave.

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