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Life Of Sorrow
by MayKate

I went through much more than I could ever imagine anyone else would want to go through. Life was hard and my family did nothing but yet desert me. No one loved me or cried for me when I needed them. I had no comfort of any sort, not even a hug. I died everyday, waking up to a family unknown to myself. I was lost in something I did not know.

I grew up with my family telling me that I wasn't what they were expecting. They said the name they had given me meant "The Devil Child." They never loved me and never will. I couldn't bear the pain they were placing upon me.

It all happened when I was 3, my mother and two older sisters tried to drown me, but I was saved by my uncle. They tried many more things, like locking me in the closet, suffocating me, and torturing me in ways I never thought possible. I don't know how or why they did this to me, but I know it went as far as I could remember. I waited until I was eighteen before I was able to leave them all.

I didn't think a poem could help me with my pain, but then I read the poem Should I Go? by Rachel Summer. It helped me in many ways. I knew no one would cry for my leaving, and if death was meant for me, I too wished God would place it upon me. But it is true, life isn't so short... only if you make it that way.

The relationship between our family was difficult... nothing could repair it, but I did gain the love of my sisters. I really don't have anything to do for a continuing basis to keep it in repair, but I do try my hardest to talk to them everyday and to laugh with them, so that at least, I know they love me still.

Things have been so good ever since. I was so suicidal, but after reading the poem, I realized I shouldn't give up hope just yet.

To others out there, don't let the lack of love from others kill you. It's not smart to go crazy on something that is there, it just takes time for it to show. All you can do is never give up, and do what is right for you. Live up your dreams, and don't let anything destroy those dreams, for they are yours, and shall always be.

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