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by Jessica M.

He was a customer where I work and I left a note on his vehicle when he came back for it. He told me right away about his girlfriend, so I figured we would just be friends, but then the whole love thing happened. At first, I was okay with him having a girlfriend. I had just met him so it wasn't really an issue.

The turning point was when I told him I was in love with him and he told me he was in love with me too, but he was also in love with his girlfriend. Some poems that helped me were A Piece of Advice by Amanda M Knox and A Hopeful Love... by Alexis Diane Marrero. When he was on vacation with his girlfriend, after talking with my closest friends, I decided I had to end everything completely before I hurt myself any more.

I still talk to him and see him occassionally. I still hurt, too 'cause we decided to just be friends, but it's hard because I still love him so much. He sometimes talks about the day we'll be together, which hurts more because I'm trying to move on. He's a wonderful guy and I know he hurts too, but I need someone who can give me all of themself. I haven't found anyone as wonderful as him, but I won't give up. I still see him and love him, and sometimes I get sad when I think about the life we could have if there wasn't another woman in his life.

When it comes to love, it's made for two. If you are the third person in the triangle, as much as it hurts, get out. It's going to hurt more and more the longer you let your feelings grow. I wrote a poem about my situation... check it out, it's called Blinded by Love, by Jessica Mayworm.

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