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Love Triangle
by *+~+*Guera*+~+*

I liked this guy since I was in the second grade. He was my lil' crush, I guess you can say. I stood up in a quinceañera (a cotillion) and he was my partner. One of my best friends knew everything about him and how I felt about him. She would always tell me to tell him how I felt and try to hook me up with him because we would make a cute couple. So, one day I gathered up my courage and I finally told I him how I felt but nothing really happened between us. He just smiled and was surprised when I told him. A couple weeks after that, I asked him how he felt for me and he told me he loved me very much, but only as a very good friend. I felt really sad but I asked myself what could I do? If he didn't feel anything for me , then that was too bad. It's better to be friends than nothing at all. So it all stayed that way. About a month after that, we would still talk because we had to practice for the waltz of the quinceañera. One day I noticed that my best friend (the one that knew everything about my feelings for him) was flirting with him and it got me upset. I confronted her with what I thought was going on and she told me that she didn't like him like that and she couldn't believe I thought that of her. I felt bad and so I just left it like it was. She continued to flirt with him and it would make me upset and one day I found out that they had kissed. I couldn't believe it was my own best friend who did that to me! I was so upset that I called her up and called her every name in the book and I realized that that was no use, so I just let them be. I still talked to him because he was the love of my life. I stopped talking to her because I'm the type of person who doesn't blame him for everything (depending on the situation) because a guy goes as far as a girl wants to. I continued to talk to him and I stopped talking to her.

I read a poem on LovePoetry.com called I Don't Forgive by al-y-kat and it helped me think about everything that happened. I knew she wasn't the "friend" I thought she was. It made me realize that what goes around comes around. It made me feel so much better!

I was really hurt and upset when I found out about everything. I told her I thought he wasn't her type and she didn't feel anything for him. I asked her, "How do you kiss someone you don't like?" She didn't know what to say. I stopped talking to her and to this day, I dont even look at her. This poem helped me pull through all the pain and it made me think about who to trust next time.

I still talk to him and since then I have had "friends" that have done the same thing to me. They tell me that they would never mess around with the guy I like and they end up messing with him. It has been the same guy from the beginning!

Right now I am finally getting over him. I talk to him still, but I don't get the butterflies in my stomach when I hear his voice anymore. I don't get excited when I see his number on my phone and I don't get excited when I see him, so I'm finally getting over him.

The only thing I can say to the people who are/were in my situation is to be careful who you trust and not to stop talking to the guy because your "friends" are supposed to be there for you... not to hurt you but to make you feel like you can trust in someone. I always follow the quote, "You only have 1 or 2 true friends in life. Never trust everyone," and "What goes around, comes around!" Keep on living and don't give up!

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