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It all started when I broke up with my ex-boyfriend. I ended up falling in love with his friend because of the way he talked to me, and because there was something about him that I really liked. Later I found out that there was another gurl in his life (she was new to the school.)

I still liked him even though she was around. She just didn't get in the way of me liking him. It did hurt me badly, though. My heart was broken into so many pieces. I couldn't get my chance to be with him. I was close to being his new girlfriend, but I didn't even try to break them up. I decided to just wait my turn. It's hard though... I can't wait 'cuz I'll never stop loving him. I am so obsessed.

I read a LovePoetry poem that makes me think of him. It is called Obsessed by Jonathan Michael Bell. When I saw the title, "Obsessed," I though it would remind me of Andrew 'cuz that's how I felt for him. When I read it, everything that happened in the poem, had happened to me... exactly. That's how it helped me tell him how I felt for him. Ever since I had read it, I wanted to show it to him, but I was too scared. I was afraid he might say something I didn't want to hear, but I made a plan and told him to hold that poem. He read it and knew I liked him.

My love life is still the same now. I'm still in love with him, but things are a little better because he told me he knows the truth and that he also kinda likes me. If it weren't for that LovePoetry poem, he wouldn't know the truth.

If you like somebody, never give up because I bet one day there will be a chance for you and him/her. It'll happen unexpectedly, like it did for me. Find a poem, give it to them, and they'll read it.

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