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by Forgiving Girl

We started dating in the summer of 2003. Everything was going well; at least that’s what I thought. Before school started, I broke up with him ‘cause I had a very bad feeling that something was wrong. I guess I was right ‘cause on the first day of school I found out he had cheated on me.

When I found out, I didn’t know what to do except blame myself for falling in love with a playa’. He would write me notes saying how sorry he was and asking me to please forgive him. He told me he would do anything to get me back. Well, I forgave him and took him back. I had the feeling that this wasn’t going to be the end of his cheating, but I took the risk anyway.

I read the LovePoetry poem Falling in Love With a Player by Lindsey Nicole Milke and I thought to myself, “Why am I doing this again when I know that I will get hurt?” I answered myself, “I love him and I believe in this relationship.”

We got back together a while after he cheated on me and things were going pretty well until the summer of my sophomore year. I found out that he’d messed around with my two best friends. At that point, I broke down and didn’t know what to do.

In the long run, I got back with him. I told him that I believed in our relationship and I loved him. This time I really think that our relationship will work.

My advice to all of you that read this is watch who you date ‘cause you never know how he is. I you think that you’ve found that special person, then you will believe in your relationship and it will go as far as possible.

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