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Having a best friend is the best
by Darra

The relationship that needed work was with my best friend and I. She's my sister in Christ. We had bad communication in the past and still have problems with communications. The problems started once we became use to each other and use to leaving problems unsolved. It got so bad because we got use to ignoring our problems... like they weren't there.

The turning point was after we sat down and talked several times. A poem that helped was That's What Friends Are For by Jess Ica. Besides Jesus, the relationship was repaired through understanding and love and coming to the realization that we need each other.

Since our talks things have been better but they will never be perfect. We keep having serious talks about everything... to keep communications alive.

Keep the faith... Do not give up- no matter what. If the friendship is worth keeping... fight for it 'cause the devil will break it up if you let him.

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