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My Father
by Eliza

My relationship with my father needed some work. I took everything that God had offered me for granted. My father did everything he could for me, my four other siblings, and my mother. He did his very best, and for some reason I never even said, "Thank you." I sometimes wonder why I didn't take the time to tell him how much I loved him.

About three years ago, something happened that I never would have expected to happen. My father had one major heart attack and three strokes all in one night. From that day forward, my life has never been the same. This all was mainly caused by stress from working too hard because at the time he was an architect and we owned a family convenience store up north. I guess he couldn't handle all of the pressure. Everything finally caught up to him. He wanted to do everything so that my mother could be a stay-at-home mom, but I guess everything does not work out as everybody plans.

I would say that our turning point was when we moved back home close to all of our family. Even though my mom works to make ends meet, everything I had as a young child is now gone. My family has, once again started to attend church... not all of the time, but a lot more then we used to, and God has helped us get through everything that is thrown our way. I am glad that God has let my father live as long as he has. The poem that influenced me to share my story with others is The Love of A Daughter by Emily Ann McLain
Now, my father is dying and I realize that he might not ever be able to see his first grandchild or be able to walk any of his three daughters down the aisle. I have realized and felt the need to get close to him at this time. He is taking dialysis and he needs a lot of medicines to keep him alive. My family and I have tried to keep faith, hope, and love alive in our family because these are the most important things that contribute to a family staying together... as my mother says.

The only advice I have for others is to love what you have in front of you and do not take it for granted because you do not realize what you have until you start to lose it.

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