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Un-Changed Love at times
by Sad-Depressed-Katy Fox

My relationship with my mom needs help. She used to beat me up, yell at me to clean my room- spotless, yell at me to clean the whole house, yell at me to do this and that. This all started when she and my dad got divorced. I don't know how things got that far, but I was hoping it would never get worse. I couldn't take it.

The poem I hate by Heather V C meant a lot to me. I was able to read it and realize that I am not alone.

Things have never been worked out between us. She ended up leaving all 5 of us kids. She moved on with her life. She finally called a day or 2 before Mother's Day and she showed up and talked to us like there was nothing wrong. God, what a mom.

If you are getting beaten or yelled at for stupid things, you should tell someone. Don't just let it be, like nothing happened, 'cause when you get older and realize that it's not right for someone to hit you, that person will be scared of you, 'cause you've gotten bigger and wiser through the years.

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