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Best Friend Forever
by ~Whit~

She's not exactly part of my family, but she's my best friend... and to me thatís close enough! We are VERY close! She is always there for me and she always knows what to say!

We had a three-way friendship going on. There was this other girl who keeps trying to break us to apart. She will tell my other friend something I said- and I never said it! Then she will tell me something that my Best friend didn't say. The problem started when Brooke and I became such good friends. Apparently she gets jealous and tries to separate us.

The poem That's What Friends Are For by Jess Ica was the poem that helped Brooke and I realize how close our friendship is. The other girl still tries tearing us apart but Brooke and my friendship is still tight now!

Just hang in there, girls and guys! If there is friendship... there is a good heart somewhere!

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