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It hurts
by teary eyez

My dad was always drinking and my brother, Lee was on weed bad. My dad raped me and I lived with him for 2 years after it happened without breathing a word about it to anyone.

The problems started in 2000, when my mom died. That's when Dad started drinking. Lee started smoking weed when he was 14 and he still smokes it after being in jail for 2 years for possession of marijuana.

I really wanted my dad to stop drinking and Lee to stop smoking weed. The LovePoetry poem, Should I Go? by Rachel Summer helped me because I spent 5 months in a mental hospital after I tried to commit suicide.

Things in my life are better now because my dad doesn't drink anymore and I'm living with my aunt. Things are great now that I live with my aunt 'cause once again, I can be a child. It's amazing for me not to have to cook for myself or wash my own clothes or be alone.

When things are bad and you can't work them out on your own, get help.

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