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Solitude is a party
  Where I invite myself
     To dine on "implication,"
       To drink "significance."

Thus I fill my separate need
  And I must confess...
     There could not be a better host
        Nor a more intriguing guest.

LovePoetry has created this feature so people can share their experiences of loss, anguish and distress accompanying an upheaval in their lives. It is hoped that such an exchange of feelings and experiences will help in dealing with the problems we all share when we become vulnerable by seeking and giving that precious commodity identified as LOVE...

Featured Selection from: Breaking Up
-Janette Marlynn-

We had a very strong relationship. It was on and off but that's what made it stronger. I knew he loved me and I loved him. We were going to 2 different schools and we decided we were going to stay together. But I was very stupid and I was unfaithful to him. I told him and he decided to stay with me.

It was a very hard moment but I had to tell him because we promised each other that no matter what happened, accident or no, we would always tell each other the truth. I felt so bad but I couldn't handle seeing him hurt. Every time he looked at me, he looked at me different and I couldn’t take it so I, with my stupidity again, decided to call it quits.

There was a poem I read; it was called I Thank God He Sent You to Me by Celina. There was nothing I could do but ask him to be friends. We still are and we have talked but I wish that we would still be together.

I have talked to him. Actually the other day I called him and I told him I still loved him and I still wanted to be with him. I told him to tell me how he felt but he said that he didn't know. It's okay that he doesn't want to be with me anymore but I pray to God that he gives me another chance. He is the best thing that ever happened to me.

All I have to say is: If even you think you are in love or you know that you are... don't be dumb. Hold onto what you have as long as you can because you'll never know how good it feels to be with the person you love... unless you give them a chance.

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