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Solitude is a party
  Where I invite myself
     To dine on "implication,"
       To drink "significance."

Thus I fill my separate need
  And I must confess...
     There could not be a better host
        Nor a more intriguing guest.

LovePoetry has created this feature so people can share their experiences of loss, anguish and distress accompanying an upheaval in their lives. It is hoped that such an exchange of feelings and experiences will help in dealing with the problems we all share when we become vulnerable by seeking and giving that precious commodity identified as LOVE...

Featured Selection from: Divorce
-Happy father-

My wife and I were married for almost six years. I was 22 and she was 18 when we got married. When I met her she was very smart and loving. She cared about nature and always wanted to help others. She was good at everything that she did and she never gave up on me.

We were eager to get married, but we weren't planning to get married as soon as we did. She got pregnant with our first child and her parents told us that we had to get married before our baby was born. Initially, we were happy just being around each other. We were married for about two and a half years before we started having problems.

The first major problem came to light when I came home early from work one day and caught her cheating on me with her ex-boyfriend. He was 41 and she was 20. I accepted that everyone makes mistakes and I told her I was willing to forget about it if we could work through it. She was okay with that.

We went on for another couple of years and she started another job. Then she started cheating on me again with a guy she worked with. By this time, we had two little girls. Word got to me about her affair and I went to where she worked and I sat and watched her after she got off work. I followed her and her co-worker to a motel, just up the road from where we were living. They went into the room and I waited about ten minutes or so and then went to the door. I knocked on the door, but no one answered so I kicked the door in and found them in bed together. I walked out and drove away. She called my cell phone and I asked her how she could do this to me and our children. I told her I wanted a divorce and that she would be hearing from my lawyer.

I found this poem, SUICIDAL THOUGHTS by Kin. on LovePoetry.com that kept me from ending my life... and leaving my wonderful children. Now that I think back, I would never have left them.

At first I hated the idea of getting a divorce. I felt lost in the world. She told me she was taking our children and I would never see them again. I began to drink- before work, at work, and after work. Then a friend of mine helped me realize that the beer wasn't helping me. He got me dried out and back on my feet.

My wife and I went to court. She got the new house that we had just purchased and the new car I had bought. She got to keep everything in the house except my personal stuff. I, however, got the most valuable thing of all... full custody of our two wonderful girls.

Since then, my girls and I have moved into our own house, I bought a new car, and got a new job. My oldest daughter has started school and my youngest is walking and talking. We are very happy together. Life is wonderful now. I am dating the most wonderful girl I have ever met. She is very good with my girls. She is like a mother to them. She cares for them and loves them like they are her own.

The only thing I can say is... no matter how bad it looks, no matter how bad it gets, just keep trying and justice will look in your favor. Keep your head up and keep walking toward the light and everything will turn out for the best.

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