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Solitude is a party
  Where I invite myself
     To dine on "implication,"
       To drink "significance."

Thus I fill my separate need
  And I must confess...
     There could not be a better host
        Nor a more intriguing guest.

LovePoetry has created this feature so people can share their experiences of loss, anguish and distress accompanying an upheaval in their lives. It is hoped that such an exchange of feelings and experiences will help in dealing with the problems we all share when we become vulnerable by seeking and giving that precious commodity identified as LOVE...

Featured Selection from: Breaking Up

Me and my gurl had a great relationship. I was so in love with her, I didn't think I would cheat on her. I don't know why I did it, but I did, and I'm very sorry.

I was all for bein' truthful to my baby gurl, so I told her that I had hooked up with a gurl I met. She didn't seem to mind until I accidently called my baby by the other gurl's name. Then she knew I was still seein' her. The excuse I gave her was that we didn't speak enough and I felt lonely and I needed someone who would be with me whenever I needed her. If that meant bein' with more then one gurl, I was all for it.

Chris: so you think you're a playa by luv always helped me understand why my baby broke it off and why she was so mad. I don't like hurtin' people I love, but no one is perfect and we all make mistakes.

We still talk to each other. I wanted her back, but she didn't want me. She said I would cheat on her again. I told her I had changed but she didn't believe me. So I guess when she said she loved me, it was a lie 'cuz one mistake should not end a love that is meant to last forever.

I still love her and I haven't cheated on a gurl since. This bad boy has learned his lesson and I hope that all you other players learn your lesson too, 'cuz more gurls sound fun, but it's not. Don't be like me, don't be stupid 'cuz you may never get them back.

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