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Under a Tree    Love Described   
By: Matt R. O'Quin    
"I know not much of the world today
The problems of society and human ways, ..."
Secret Love    Secret Love   
By: Melody Lynn mlv007    
"A secret love,
No one knows of. ..."
Hidden love    The Need to be Loved   
By: Michael L Benson    
"My love seems endless now
To me it has no bounds ..."
You Make Me Smile    The Power of Love   
By: Jen Hitz    
"I sit here
on this ugly afternoon, ..."
To Sweet Surrender    Love Described   
By: J. Mark    
"I close my eyes
to sweet surrender. ..."
That Night    The Pains of Love   
By: Julia Chrysler    
"When the phone rang that night
I knew it was you ..."
My True Love    Unrequited Love   
By: Mary Louise TarBaby    
"With a deep and hushed sigh he confessed
his undying love ..."
The Light Has Always Been Dim    New Love   
By: Alycia J. Santos    
"The light has always been dim
Filled with fear. ..."
Why    Entangled in Love   
By: Evelyn Sandoval a.ka. P!n>ly    
"Why? Has been the question since you left me
The reason still remains unknown ..."
You Are My Everything    Entrapped by Love   
By: Tommy Minh Nguyen    
"When I first met you I thought you were the one for me
Always thinking that we are meant to be. ..."
I remember    Love and Parting   
By: Pamela Jean Kouris    
"I remember when it was only us two
All I could do was think of you ..."
Love Struck    Love Remembered   
By: Roberto de la rosa    
"Cupid shot me with an arrow
the day that I met you, ..."
Dashed Hopes    The Pains of Love   
By: Stephanie Fannie Lopez    
"Vivid flashes of memories came flooding
Into a mind that could hardly think. ..."
LOVE    The Philosophy of Love   
By: Christie Alayne Mcleod    
"Love, what is it,
it's not a feeling. ..."
Reality    The Power of Love   
By: Isabel Caila Samuels    
"I watch in a state of rapturous joy as
My reality train races down the track ..."
pain and death    Love and Parting   
By: luis eduardo reyes    
"I see the stars that fly through the sky
and wonder to myself, 'when will I die?' ..."
The Perfect Guy    For That Special Someone   
By: Kerri Anne Costanzo    
"I look into your eyes looking into mine...
The feeling that I get goes right down my spine. ..."
US    Love and Doubt   
By: Rachel A. Esteves    
"can't you see what is shown so bright
why does it seem like your puttin' up a fight ..."
I Love You    Love Fantasy   
By: Ralph Lamarr Clark    
" It's easy to know
you love someone, ..."
I Loved You More    Love Past   
By: Lisa Michelle Ertz    
"I loved you more
Than there are stars in the sky ..."
The Day My Hero Died    Love and Distrust   
By: Megan Nichole Ramirez    
"Baby girl woke up one day,
Trouble all around, ..."
Michael    Love and Doubt   
By: Blinkchick N Alford    
"When I look into
your eyes I lose myself ..."
My Queen    Love Fantasy   
By: Raphael Dandole Sabbagh    
"My queen, how I love you with all my heart
My love becomes greater every beat ..."
SEX (Nic, Rach, Ash)    The Power of Love   
By: Rachael Kristine Kucher    
"Sex, what is that?
I think you're moving too fast... ..."
Dream    Love Fantasy   
By: Rinal    
"I think of you as I sit under
the beautiful sky full of stars, ..."

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