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Being Loved    Love Described   
By: Margaret C. Rigsby    
"You are sleeping peacefully
as I slide into the bed ..."
Nothing more    Love Apart   
By: Ruchita Chand    
"You said we might be together soon
laying beneath the warmth of the blue moon. ..."
The Sun Shining In    Love Remembered   
By: Melissa Shea    
"The coldness of the snow outside
with the warmth of the sun shining in. ..."
Knowledge...    The Philosophy of Love   
By: A. J. Harvey F. Gotos    
"You, who gave me the true knowledge,
should be heavenly rewarded, ..."
heavens' star    Love and Death   
By: stef smith    
"every morning when
i wake up to a new day ..."
The Angel I Sit Beside    For That Special Someone   
By: Gabriel Karch    
"With what others took away
In my aguish and belief ..."
Last Kiss    The Power of Love   
By: Lacey L. Hollaway    
"With time
just a glimpse ..."
Once Upon a Lifetime    Future Love   
By: Jess T    
"Once upon a lifetime I will find the one I love.
Someone to care, someone to adore, someone surely sent from above. ..."
Just My Life    Suicide   
By: dead star    
"Just my life.......
don't think of even crying ..."
memories    Love and Death   
By: Marie A Barber    
"Memories, memories all of the best kind,
All about a true love, I thought I would never find. ..."
Salvation    The Power of Love   
By: Juzz do it    
"Pushing through the suffocating calamity of the crowd
Quick, stifling, turbulent, emotionless, aggrivating, hollow and loud ..."
H.U.S.B.A.N.D. 2    Love Described   
By: SweetDJ    
"What the word "husband" means to me:
You and I    About a Loved One   
By: Barbara Marie Lance    
"You and I, we are as one.
One day we'll dance, ..."
I miss you    The Pains of Love   
By: Gerianne J. Zielinski    
"Everyday my heart turns cold
The love of my life went away ..."
Our Love    Love Described   
By: Nicole Renee DelSignore    
"I Love You
I Know It's true ..."
Past life love    The Need to be Loved   
By: dArRkAnGeL    
"i think before we met, i knew you
Maybe we met in our dreams.. ..."
Anything for you    The Power of Love   
By: Babe Tree    
"Anything for you...I would do
In all Things    Unrequited Love   
By: Dan J. Mishko    
"When raindrops fall and wet your pretty face,
and sadness covers all your thoughts and cares. ..."
After or Before    For That Special Someone   
By: Ed Walter    
"Beautiful lady,
I melt in your softness, ..."
Listen    The Pains of Love   
By: Tears    
"I am listening...
To my heart, to my very breath. ..."
Hayley P.    About a Loved One   
By: Luke Joseph Albone    
"I lay all-alone in my dark room,
Thoughts of worries about you. ..."
BEST FRIEND FOREVER    For That Special Someone   
By: Christine E White    
"When you hear the word FRIEND
How do you feel? ..."
Breathe    Love Fantasy   
By: Amanda Jean Smith    
"Say goodbye just one last time,
don't hold your breath you'll cry. ..."
Space    Love Apart   
By: Richard Van Kuppevelt    
"The shadows grow ever longer
Time races across the sky ..."
Any time, any place    Love Declared   
By: Scared    
"I am in a different land,
different time and place. ..."

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