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To be a part of love    Love Described   
By: Andre Reynoldo Robinson    
"To be a part of life is to be strong,
To be apart from you is like a nightmare the devil had. ..."
forever love    Love Described   
By: talin minassian    
" i know i have found you,
because you are the only one ..."
My Love    Love Declared   
By: Capricorn    
"Her hair was of dead grass,
brittle and stiff. ..."
"Sometimes I wonder if our friendship was really true
Because if it was maybe it would still be me and you ..."
Bound    Secret Love   
By: Amanda Deane Turenchalk    
"He came into my life
So quickly, it seems ..."
WALLS    Love and Fear   
By: Beth M.    
"I see your face
and begin to smile. ..."
Loving you    For That Special Someone   
By: Kimmberlee Heather Klaus    
"The day I met you I knew,
you would change my life around. ..."
long for    Love Described   
By: Gerald Mendoza Canono:CHIBOG    
"Love is everything, I knew to you
I did realize how important the things I do ..."
I DO    Love Declared   
By: Gerald M Canono:CHIBOG    
"You don?t know how much I love you
But I?m really sure I do ..."
Love You Forever    Secret Love   
By: Taylor Marie Westfall    
"I look at the stars
And I look at the moon ..."
My Gift    Love Between Friends   
By: Krisi A Lambes    
"It began with flirting
But changed pretty fast ..."
Take it All    Love Fantasy   
By: Tisha Lynn Saucier    
"Take the tears
Take the pain ..."
Words of a Feather    Love and Distrust   
By: Christopher Merrill Irey    
"An angel to him,
she once did seem ..."
Its true    Love and Hate   
By: Steven Kyle Richardson    
"It's true
I miss you ..."
A piece of love    Love Fantasy   
By: Dina A Elkady    
"Everything here has it's sign,
it's mark... ..."
Last Kiss    Love and Death   
By: Libbie    
"She pauses and stares
And runs her fingers through his hair ..."
To my loved one    Love And Marriage   
By: Lindsey Nicole Devall    
"I love him so, I wish he could see.
I love him so but don't know how to let him know. ..."
LINE OF FIRE    Love Past   
"I?m caught in the crossfire
Of her marital war ..."
Together As One    For That Special Someone   
By: Selina A.    
"Together as one, we shall be
Forevermore, until eternity. ..."
Waiting    Entangled in Love   
By: Deena Price    
"as i sit here waiting
tears nearly flowing through my eyes ..."
Day Dream    Love Fantasy   
By: Clinton Wesley Goicoa    
"Every time that you walk by
I feel the magic, from the gaze of your eye ..."
death of a rose    Love and Death   
By: Stacey Kelly    
"Hair of brown,
eyes of blue, ..."
Secret Love    Secret Love   
By: samra omazic    
"He is my secret love,
and he shall always be ..."
somehow    Love and Parting   
By: jemart    
"the moment has come for me to leave you,
the moment i never believed will come, but now standing in front of me, ..."
My Love    The Pains of Love   
By: Lauren Jennifer Olson    
"All was going well
until they started to have problems ..."

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