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The Worry    The Power of Love   
By: Norman Dean VanPelt    
" The worry that we share,
the one for one another. ..."
All Alone    The Power of Love   
By: Katarzyna Marta Nowakowski    
" All alone.
I look around, ..."
The Way Things Used To Be    Love Between Friends   
By: Jessica Lynn Martin    
"The way things used to be~
Things used to be so confusing and hard ..."
Broken Hearts    The Power of Love   
By: Norman Dean VanPelt    
"Weeping tears
have streamed for years. ..."
Thinking    Love Between Friends   
By: Natalie Marie Onken    
"Sometimes at night when I?m all alone
I can?t help but think how I have grown ..."
Lost Love    Love Past   
By: Jack S Candles    
"My soul is fleeting.
My heart is beating ..."
love    The Power of Love   
By: sarah anne dorr    
is some thing special ..."
As I Look    Love and Hate   
By: Baby_Boi    
"As I look in all the places,
where you're supposed to be, ..."
One Last Kiss    Love Withdrawn   
By: Kelly Marie Baker    
" Kiss me once
IS IT MY FAULT????    Love and Family   
By: melissa amber colon    
"IS it my fault that she drinks?
Is it because i'm not perfect? ..."
If Only You Were Here...    Love Remembered   
By: Liese Dunham    
"You looked so sweet desperate for an answer..
right then I knew you were quite the romancer. ..."
I'm Ok    Love and Betrayal   
By: Lucy    
"I hate that I love you
It pains me deep in my gut ..."
Liverless    Dream Lovers   
By: Obinwanne Seaman Barry    
"My heart speaks in tongue
Mumbling, rumbling, grumbling in parables ..."
Heartache    The Need to be Loved   
By: Tommysgirl    
"You are the one my heartaches to love.
I ache to feel your lips brush mine in kisses. ..."
Someday    Love Declared   
By: Christina Elizabeth Murphree    
"I love you I know
And that is all I know ..."
QUESTIONS    The Pains of Love   
HeartBroken...    Love and Forgiveness   
By: DaOneAndOnly425    
"Today i found out about you know who,
I swear to God i was Speechless and didn't know what to do. ..."
Just Thinking Things...    Love and Doubt   
By: Caroline Ann Kennedy    
"He says, "he loves me".
Why? I really don't know. ..."
Love and...    The Power of Love   
By: Heba El-Ashmawi    
"Love and its Disciples,
Happiness, Sadness, Joy and Despair, ..."
All The Pain    Love and Hate   
By: Jenni N.    
"All the pain you caused me
If you only knew, ..."
Memories    Love Remembered   
By: Kat    
"Memories come rushing back, like floodwaters through a dam.
How can I remember what we were, when I don't know who I am? ..."
Why?    Suicide   
By: Romeo Ryans    
"The knife slides
The blood runs ..."
Regrets    Love Past   
By: Brittney Renee W.    
"If I could go back and live yesterday differently,
with you is the one place I'd really wanna be. ..."
Without Me    Love Between Friends   
By: Denae Owens    
"I know it hurts now
For I feel the pain too ..."
For Real    Unwelcome Love   
By: Sarah Ann Spencer    
" I hope when you say you love me,
you are for real. ..."

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