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A stranger`s love III    Love Fantasy   
By: HeartBroken    
"You will never know how much I cry
and how much I try and try, ..."
When I wasn't looking    Love Declared   
By: Christina M Tomasso    
"You came into my life when I wasn?t looking,
I opened the door and there you were ..."
I Still Love You    Love Apart   
By: Nick M. Johnston    
"i regret all the things i never did
and all i should have done ..."
Someone    Love Described   
By: Marilyn A. Hunte    
"Someone to lean on
Someone you're keen on ..."
Friendship    Love Between Friends   
By: Antoinette Regina Mason    
"Even though some circumstances
cause us not to meet ..."
My Homie    The Power of Love   
By: CritterLuva    
"I was thinking about you one day
And of all the times we shared ..."
So Much More    Love Remembered   
By: Sherry Lynn Anderson    
"You mean so much to me,
In such little time. ..."
I find You    The Pains of Love   
By: Ingrid Showalter Swift    
"I find you in their burning words
their longing descriptions ..."
YOU (THROUGH MY EYES)    Love Declared   
By: jae therisin' sun    
For Mommy To Hold    Love and Family   
By: Shane Dale Moore    
"It is positive! I heard the mother say,
She glowed with proudness on that blessed day, ..."
Mother    Love and Family   
By: Barbara E. Rambo    
"Away in my sound proof dimension
I scream, to let my voice be heard ..."
Someday    For That Special Someone   
By: Kimberly Dawn Kennedy    
"Seeing you that day
Wanting to be with you in every way ..."
YOUR LOVE FOR HER    Love Triangle   
More than Friends    Love Between Friends   
By: Lady of Love    
"My friend, My love
What should it be ..."
Sanctuary    Love Declared   
By: The Godess    
"Were your arms a church,
I would beg sanctuary, ..."
Cold Hands    The Need to be Loved   
By: Mel Pierides    
"My hands are always cold
My eyes are always lonely ..."
The reasons why I love him    The Power of Love   
By: Samantha Laken    
"He has the Hugs that make me weak
He has the Kiss that knocks me off my feet ..."
At first...    The Power of Love   
By: Snooks Lou    
"Your smile did it in for me
My eyes, my mind, my heart ..."
Forever Welcome    The Power of Love   
By: Amie Kathryn Johnson    
"Where did we go wrong?
I thought everything was going great. ..."
First Love    Entangled in Love   
By: Amy Kay    
"The first time you touched me, my heart began to melt.
There is no way to tell you exactly how I felt. ..."
When I see you I can?t help but smile    Love Between Friends   
By: The~Felt~Need    
"I remember it like yesterday
It was June 24th, 2001 ..."
I think    Love Declared   
By: Jake A Maresh    
"I think it's amazing how you take the time
Just to tell me you love me and tell me goodnight. ..."
I have seen the sky    Love Declared   
By: Enrique Alberto Hurtado Minotta    
" God
Today i saw your sky ..."
Or is it    The Pains of Love   
By: D. K. L.    
"When the silence
is too loud ..."
After seeing you    New Love   
By: Raj Mohan Singh    
"After seeing you, my world has changed
I am so lost that even in mirrors I see your face. ..."

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