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Forever    Love Described   
By: Drina Christine Val Verde    
"I love you with all my heart.
I want to be with you forever, death till do us part. ..."
Please come home my darling    Pleading For Love   
By: Peter Moore    
"I?ve been a foolish idiot
You know it?s not like me ..."
I THOUGHT YOU WERE MY BOO    Love and Betrayal   
By: destiny danielle boyd    
"i thought you were my boo
i thought everything you spoke was true ..."
To the Love of My Life    The Power of Love   
By: Jeff S H    
"When I look into your eyes, I see beauty deep inside your heart.
When I see your smile, I see laughter of times when we joked and were crazy. ..."
Bereft    Love and Death   
By: Mary-Ellen B. Kelleher    
"Alas, alack,
alone too soon, ..."
The Morning Light    New Love   
By: Charlotte Mae Fitzgerald    
"The morning light
crawls across my face, ..."
WHEN    The Philosophy of Love   
By: Cindy Tejada    
"When u find that special person
make sure he loves u for the inside and outside of u ..."
My Inspirational Dream    About a Loved One   
By: Jeanie Baker    
"My friend, my dreamer, and my lover.
Seeing you makes my eyes sparkle. ..."
Buried Soul    The Pains of Love   
By: Robin Lee Bitz    
"For the longest time
my heart and soul ..."
I barely Know You    For That Special Someone   
By: Oluseyi Hakeem Shittu    
"I barely know you, but I can
Tell from the innocence of your ..."
Thin Line    Love and Hate   
By: BATMAN    
"They say in love
there are no rules, ..."
That night....    Love Past   
By: Ashley S.    
" I remember that night where we had a great time, we kissed and
snuggled and were together all the time. ..."
In my Mind    The Pains of Love   
By: Katherin Ann Simms    
"How can it be that I feel this way?
Why did I let this happen to me? ..."
unconscious trickery    Love and Doubt   
By: kirsten aurora vasser    
"You touched me - deep -
in places that I never knew ..."
Ghostly    Love Fantasy   
By: Amber K Gurke    
"I don't understand why I can still feel your kiss,
even when I know you're not there... ..."
Forever Bliss    Love Declared   
By: Lara S Espinosa    
"When your eyes locked mine
I knew I would be lost ..."
I'll Be There    Love Between Friends   
By: Genevieve D. Lai    
"It may not seem like I care
But I do... ..."
THE GLASS BETWEEN US    Love and Doubt   
By: Dawne Langworthy    
"Here I stand at the door,
Forehead and hand pressed against the glass ..."
Remaining Strong    The Power of Love   
By: Allie Katlyn Fee    
"Even though I've handed you my heart,
And told you all my dreams and fears, ..."
Angel eyes    About a Loved One   
By: Kevin Strong    
"It happened, though I know not how
The stars- trapped in your eyes ..."
On The Strength    Love Declared   
By: Prince    
"The strength you have given me is power,
I am the man of the hour and not sour. ..."
For My First Boyfriend: Slaven    For That Special Someone   
By: Miss Phoebe    
"I wanna cry all my tears out
I am not afraid to cry ..."
To Live Without    Love and Death   
By: Katie Lynn Golden    
"The one who loves in her heart,
Is the one that just won't do, ..."
You Said    Love Declared   
By: Rachel Hughes    
"When you said those words to me
I felt my world fall apart. ..."
I Can't Love You    The Pains of Love   
By: Tonese Rene Reed    
"I don't know what to feel
I get mixed emotions ..."

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