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Why??    Love and Hate   
By: Tegan Sara Rentsch    
what do you have ..."
from the heart    Secret Love   
By: Hannah Jo Keen    
"If you were a teardrop
In my eye, ..."
You'll Regret    Love and Parting   
By: Ashley Vance    
"One day you'll regret
everything you put me through. ..."
How should I feel?    Love and Hate   
By: Healing Grace    
"How should I feel
when you treat me like this? ..."
the two sides of love    Love Described   
By: Valerie Ann Holton    
"Love can kill you and make your heart die.
But, then again it can fill you and make your heart fly. ..."
us    Love Declared   
By: Carola Dittmann McJunkin    
"You came from out of the beautiful blue sky
And landed right smack into my heart ..."
Final Goodbye    The Power of Love   
By: V Thompson    
"It's been a year, the memories remain
Seems like yesterday when all was the same ..."
Only in my Dreams    Love Declared   
By: Laura Elisabeth Norden    
"Only in my dreams was I ever paired with you
Only in my dreams did I ever kiss you ..."
I Lost My Mind    Suicide   
By: Isaiah Star Castro    
"When you told me the harsh response,
My life fell into pieces. ..."
For Jon    For That Special Someone   
By: Kaitlyn Prince    
"The emptiness inside me is filled.
You've taken away my fears. ..."
You Came Through    Love Between Friends   
By: The~Felt~Need    
"Jim threw out his back
And you came to the rescue ..."
Why was it me?    Suicide   
By: Elizabeth Raddatz    
"her eyes are bloodshot
the time has come ..."
your eyes    The Power of Love   
By: samantha ann gallegos    
"I looked in to your eyes; you looked in to mine.
From that day on, we knew apart we could never be. ..."
Ready For Love    Love and Parting   
By: Jon N. Luong    
"I wish I could change the past,
So I could make things right. ..."
Feelings    Love Past   
By: Ashley Nicole Cockrum (Harris)    
" I have many feelings for you,
that's why when you're around I am never blue. ..."
Lost and Found    Love and Family   
By: Jose Carlos Novelo    
"I have lost the real me
And I cannot find it. ..."
knowing, Seeing, Believing.    The Power of Love   
By: Jason Keith Bovaird    
"Today was a day of many tears,
So much lost, so much fear. ..."
Untitled    For That Special Someone   
By: Skye McCarthy    
"A look in your eyes,
said what we were. ..."
mY tRuE fRiEnD    Love Between Friends   
By: Trisha H    
"One would often say
They have a lot of friends, ..."
Love Is not for Everyone    Love and Sickness   
By: Love Heart    
"Tides of the ocean blows in a love breeze, cupid maybe
but the lovebug is not for everyone. ..."
Didn't    Love and Parting   
By: Sarah Michelle Lipscomb    
"You looked into my eyes that day
with no more words left to say. ..."
Love United    Love Described   
By: Tamara Shanae Stoutgirl    
"Love united is like two people unitng
their love and coming as one ..."
I Love You -part 4    Love Declared   
By: Eric L Estremera    
"My love lives in you.
It breathes, and sees every piece of your soul. ..."
When Did a Heart Stop To Think?    The Pains of Love   
By: Sarah Elizabeth Weigel    
"When did a heart stop to think
of the pain it would cause ..."
Waiting*.~    The Pains of Love   
By: Stephanie Trista Luther    
"Murmuring softly to one not there,
Seeking the forbidden solace. ..."

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