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You Promised    Love Between Friends   
By: Crystal Michelle Wallace    
" You promised you would never leave me
but you left me for someone else. ..."
Fearless Lover    For That Special Someone   
By: Sunday B. Fakus    
"Like a prey in your hungry chase
I stand waiting for your warm embrace ..."
Him    Unwelcome Love   
By: Meagan A. Cray    
"I meet you on the first day of school.
I remember the time and date, August 30, 1999, 8:05 am. ..."
Until Forever    Secret Love   
By: ***Tammy Mittelstadter***    
"Starring out the window, looking onto the world
Wishing I was with you, wishing I was your girl ..."
Love Is    For That Special Someone   
By: Jason Matthew RED    
" Love is blind
Love is cold, ..."
Feared    Love and Fear   
By: Ethan Garrett Woody    
"Once I feared the word 'love.'
But as time moved on, ..."
Hayley P.    About a Loved One   
By: Luke Joseph Albone    
"I lay all-alone in my dark room,
Thoughts of worries about you. ..."
For Me Do Not Cry    Suicide   
By: James Billy Mears    
"You should have loved me,
You should have cared. ..."
Through the Nights    Love Declared   
By: Gregory Karl Wurst    
"I long to feel your warm embrace,
And hold you through the night. ..."
Sarah    Love Between Friends   
By: Brian P. Naiman    
"Won't you let me run my fingers
Through your long black beautiful hair ..."
Touch Me, Love Me    Love Displayed   
By: Caramel    
"Touch me, love me,
Make me see, ..."
From Where Comes Love?    Love Described   
By: Avery Robertson    
"Not from the sun,
nor silvered stars, ..."
Today    Love Described   
By: Rheanna...    
"You read my mind,
You see my thoughts, ..."
That Guy    Love Past   
By: Gerianne J. Zielinski    
"He walks with a limp.
He thinks he is a pimp. ..."
Unknown Feelings    Love and Fear   
By: S@T@E@L@L@A J~O~H~N~S~O~N    
"My heart feels the same as yesterday and tomorrow promises me the
same thing ..."
My Heart    The Need to be Loved   
By: Ashley    
"The heart that I call my own
Really isn't mine... ..."
By: Mari Felices    
"I love you, yes I really do.
Maybe I cannot shout it to the world. ..."
Your Face    Love Apart   
By: Lawanna Reah Shumaker    
"the times we've spent together have been a blast.
I could only wish that forever it would last. ..."
Untitled pt.1    Love and Betrayal   
By: Matthew Levi Dixon    
"When I heard you were cheating
I started breathing rapidly, not believing ..."
Empty Love    The Pains of Love   
By: Ava Marie Gottschall    
"What do you do
When you've found ..."
Let me be the one    The Power of Love   
By: Michael Jermaine Tucker aka (chocolatebrother)    
"I want to be the one who holds you tight
I want to be the one who whispers in your ear at nite ..."
The little things    The Power of Love   
By: Tonya G. Cochran    
"When you look into my eyes,
How far can you see, ..."
Grandma    Love and Death   
By: Teresa Anne Jansma    
"She held his hand that led them into a life together,
Almost 65 years married, yet the love will last forever. ..."
love    New Love   
By: brent louis trexler    
"love is not what you think
love is not sex ..."
I Made a Mistake    The Power of Love   
By: J Soffin    
"Since you haven't been around
I've grown up a lot ..."

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